Assorted Fancy Crowntail Betta Female

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  • Betta splendens
  • Also known as Siamese fighting fish
  • Females
  • Bettas are one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world because of their striking beauty, variability, and low maintenance 
  • These are feeding on fish pellets, frozen bloodworms, live black worms and live brine shrimp
  • Individual bettas for sale not pictured. Image is an example of bettas that will be sold.

    This is a way for you guys to pick up some high end fish at a discounted price. The reason why I slash the price down is so I don’t have to photograph individual betta. These betta are in perfect condition and they are NICE! I guarantee that you guys will be blown away when you receive one of these cresties. This special only works if you guys trust us, and if we are lucky enough to have already earned your trust, WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.

    If you have a preference when it comes to color, let us know in the notes section.

    We will try our best to accommodate to your request.