Sterilite 1757 Tub Breeding Rack 5 Levels, 5 Tubs (Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, etc)

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The Sterilite 1757 breeding rack was designed to hold standard Sterilite storage bins. It is the optimal rack for your Sterilite breeding tubs. This rack uses our small shelf. This means they have a smaller footprint than our famous V-35 and V-70 racks. They are perfect for places where a larger rack won’t fit.

The Sterilite 1757 rack shelves are made from rigid ABS plastic. Each shelf can hold one Sterilite 1757 tub.

Sterilite Rack Features

  • Designed for Sterilite 1757 tubs.

  • Rack assembly is quick and easy.

  • Heating cable clips on each shelf allow custom heat cable configuration on each level.

  • Racks are made from durable ABS plastic.

  • Each shelf has built in ventilation.

  • Locking casters provide both mobility and security.