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Introducing, the DELUXE MYSTERY BOX! For a limited time, we will be offering a premium version of one of the most popular "items" on the website! These Deluxe Mystery Boxes will be available seldomly because honestly we could list some of the geckos here individually for considerably more than the price of this item. With that being said, the Mystery Boxes were a huge hit and it created a lot of buzz for us so we wanted to raise the bar and give the option for some truly exceptional prizes. No matter what option you end up with, I guarantee you will be very happy!

Each Deluxe Mystery Box holds the potential to reveal one of our New Caledonian Gecko options below:

What's Inside:

  1. High-End Crested Geckos (8 babies)

  2. Baby Giant Gecko aka Leachie 

  3. Cappuccino & Lilly White Crested Gecko

  4. Ultra High End Lilly White Crested Gecko

  5. Deadpool Jr. offspring Red Striped Gargoyle Gecko

  6. Pennywise offspring Gargoyle Gecko

Note: Each Deluxe Mystery Box contains one of the listed reptile options. The thrill lies in the surprise of which majestic creature will grace your collection. Rest assured, every gecko comes hand picked by Tiki, healthy and ready to become your lifelong companion.

May the odds be with you...