Ornate Uromastyx

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  • Uromastyx ornata
  • CBB and Imports available
  • Feeding on spring mix, mustard greens, collard greens, sprouts, etc
  • One of the most colorful uromastyx in the world
  • Very docile in nature
  • Live Arrival Guarantee
  • 7 Day Health Guarantee
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

This animal will be shipping from a separate facility so cannot be combined with previous orders! Produced and currently housed by the leading expert in Uromastyx Lizards in the USA, Philip Lietz. Although this particular animal is not shipping from our facility I guarantee the animal you will receive will be in perfect health and will blow you away. All my guarantees still apply if you order from us here! 

***We no longer provide a 7 day health guarantee for imported , wild caught/field collected or farm bred animals.***

These imported animals require more expertise than captive bred animals and should be purchased by experienced keepers or those willing to give them a shot. We still guarantee live arrival and we would never ship out an animal we would not be happy with receiving ourselves.