Ball Python Mystery Box

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Each Mystery Box holds the potential to reveal one of our Premium Ball Python options below:

What's Inside:

  1. Pied Ball Python female
  2. Banana het Pied Ball Python female
  3. Enchi Pied pos. Asphalt Ball Python male
  4. Puma Pastel het Pied Ball Python male
  5. Enchi Ivory het Pied Ball Python male
  6. Enchi Pied  Ball Python female
  7. Sandblast Pastel Pied Ball Python male
  8. Pastel Red Axanthic het Pied Ball Python male
  9. HRA Leopard Pied Ball Python male
  10. Enchi Cinnamon Pied Ball Python male


Note: Each Mystery Box contains one of the listed reptiles. The thrill lies in the surprise of which majestic creature will grace your collection. Rest assured, every snake comes hand picked by Tiki, healthy and ready to become your lifelong companion.

May the odds be with you...