V-70 Tub Breeding Rack 7 Levels, 7 Tubs (Ball Pythons, Blue Tongue Skinks, etc)

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Our V-70 breeding racks are some of our most popular racks among ball python breeders. The V-70 rack can hold one tub per shelf and a total of seven tubs.

Designed for Python Breeding

The V-70 rack was created specifically for ball python breeding. With 50 quarts of volume, the V-70 tub is the perfect size for housing an adult ball python. The V-70 tub is compatible with both this rack and our V-35 snake racks.

If you are looking for a rack for your male and female ball pythons to mate in, we recommend V-70 racks. The V-70 tub has almost twice the volume as the V-35 counterpart. This makes it perfect to use as a breeding tub and to keep the female before she lays her clutch.

V-70 Rack Features

  • The V-70 rack is compatible with both V-70 and V-35 tubs.

  • Rack assembly is quick and easy.

  • Heating cable clips on each shelf allow custom heat cable configuration on each level.

  • Racks are made from durable ABS plastic.

  • Each shelf has built in ventilation.

  • Locking castors provide both mobility and security.