Vision Cage Model 322

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Our Vision Cage Model 322 makes for an excellent living environment for snakes, reptiles, and lizards. Designed and manufactured by our team of experts.

Vision snake cages and reptile cages are built to last. Each snake cage has a one-piece high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell, heavy-duty glass doors that slide in an anodized aluminum frame, and perforated aluminum light and heat vents. A Vision Cage is simple in design and proven to be safe, strong, and dependable.

The Vision Cage Advantage

There is no reptile cage on the market today that matches the Vision Cage’s simplicity, durability, and dependability.

  • Stackable: Our vision cages are designed to be stacked, offering you a durable space-saving structure.
  • Nearly Indestructible: The molded one-piece construction from durable high-density impact-resistant polyethylene makes these cages hard to damage. Beyond the solid shell, the cages have strong anodized aluminum door tracks, tempered glass doors, and high strength perforated aluminum vents. Our cages are rust, chemical, impact, and heat resistant.
  • Customizable Environment: Vision cages have no seams or joints in the bottom that can leak. They also can withstand and hold in humidity without any trouble. The lighting and heat vents make it easy to adjust the environment inside the cage.
  • Easy to Clean: The removable doors and stain-resistant material makes for an easy time cleaning up. Additionally, the chemical resistant nature of HDPE makes it resilient to strong cleaners, so you can disinfect the cage.

With all of these benefits, you can see why our cages are loved by zookeepers, pet stores, hobbyists, and reptile enthusiasts the world over.


Height 21 in
Length 36 in
Depth 23 in
Cage Volume

75 Gallons


Classic Gray


High Density Polyethylene


26.75″ × 6.25″ combo vent


27.5" × 15" L shaped combo vent


Combo vent, Under Cage Heater


You can get just the cage, or you can get the full decor package, including bedding, wood, bowls, plants, a background image, and more.

The Decor Package

The best way to get the Vision 322 cage is with the complete decor package. It includes almost everything you need to set up your Vision cage. You can save 30% or more on the cost of these extras. All the products included in the package have a 10% discount. There are also no shipping charges on the contents of the decor package and cage addons.

The decor packaged includes all of the following items…

Desert Rock Formations

Image Background

The decor package includes a photo-scenery cage background cut to fit in your model 322 cage. We offer four standard photos and another 37 premium backgrounds.

Vision Products Reptile Bark

Reptile Bark Bedding

The decor package also includes a bag of Zoo Med ReptiBark. It is the ideal substrate for humidity loving snakes and reptiles.

Cedar Root

Medium Cedar Root

These beautiful gnarled cedar roots give a cage environment a lot of character. No two roots are the same. We include one in the docor package.

Vision Products Assorted Plant

Replica Plants

The decor package comes with two of our reptile safe replica plants. They provide a realistic jungle look to your model 322 snake or lizard cage.

Food and Water Bowls

The model 322 reptile cage comes with two small food and water bowls. They are made from the same HDPE plastic as the cage itself.

Vision Products Cage Liner

Cage Liners

Along with all of the other great things in the decor package we include a 30 day sample of our custom cut reptile cage liners.