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Let me start off by saying we definitely underestimated this project! Building a 6'x6' cage is a lot harder than it looks (specially when you're a tegu noob). If you are looking at the blog picture and wondering, "what kind of tegu cage is that"? I don't blame you. We decided to build our tegu cages with PVC fencing material from a local PVC fence wholesaler. We got the idea from our friend Devin (@southfloridaherps on Instagram) who has his tegus in similar cages. Definitely not the cheapest way to build tegu cages but we liked that they would be...

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   We have finally decided to dive into a new breeding project! One that we have wanted to get into for a long time but never had the space for. Now with the new facility we have jumped into the tegu lizard world. For those who don't know, tegus are large omnivorous lizards native to South America. These guys come in red, blue, black and white, and gold colorations. Over the years, selective and cross breeding has led to the creation of albinos, anerys, purples and many more new morphs of tegus. Being big fans of the albinos, thats what we...

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