BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY (details inside) 11.23.21

BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY (details inside) 11.23.21

Black Friday is HERE!


50% OFF Crested Geckos

50% OFF Gargoyle Geckos

20% OFF Giant Gecko

20% OFF Chahoua Geckos

20% OFF All other animals

20% OFF All Merch.

The Black Friday Sale is officially LIVE  and ENDS at 11:59PM EST 

Crested and Gargoyle Geckos will be AUTOMATICALLY discounted at checkout.




FACEBOOK⚠️🛑FREE CRESTED GECKO AND GARGOYLE GECKO GIVEAWAY! 🛑⚠️1. Like our Facebook Business Page 2. Like the GIVEAWAY post on Facebook 3. Look through our website and pick out your favorite gecko available. Screenshot the gecko and share on your Facebook letting your people know that the gecko pictured will be 50% OFF on Black Friday. 4. Let us know in the comments if you want to win the Lilly white or the gargoyle gecko. ❗️please follow all the steps in order. Winners get picked THIS FRIDAY AT 6pm so you have till then to enter.


INSTAGRAM⚠️🛑FREE CRESTED GECKO AND GARGOYLE GECKO GIVEAWAY! 🛑⚠️1. Follow @tikisgeckos @tikisreptileauctions 2. Like and comment on this post3. Use ANY Social Media content (pictures, videos, memes, etc) to let your people know about our BLACK FRIDAY EVENT. 4. Let us know in your post if you want the Lilly white or the gargoyle gecko. 5. Use these hashtags in your post! #tikisgeckos #tikisblackfriday #geckogiveaway❗️The most creative IG post will be the winner. Please do not only post on your story as we might not be able to see it. We will NOT pick a random winner so bring your A-game! Winners get picked THIS FRIDAY AT 6pm so you have till then to enter.





As the cold weather starts to creep up and the delays are likely to ramp up for the holidays, we need to be extra strict with our shipping guidelines. Shipping days will be Monday-Wednesday. We can only back up our guarantees if your weather is within our temperature guidelines of 40-85F to your home and 35-90F to a facility for pick up. If you do not want to waive the guarantees and you do not want to wait for the weather to clear up then please do not place an order. We have no problem holding animals purchased on BF until the weather gets better in your area. For more information on our shipping and guarantees visit our terms page.   


  • Tikis Geckos

    Hey Hue,

    We do have the option available for “Local Pickups” when placing your order.
    We will give you a call to schedule a pickup with you once the order is placed.
    Thank you in advance!

    -Tikis Geckos

  • Hue

    I live in Miami. Is pickup available? Can I pick up my crested gecko instead of you shipping to me?

  • Tikis Geckos

    Hey Jason, sorry we didn’t get back to your comment sooner.
    We did see that you placed a dry good order and that we shipped it out on the 15th.
    We include your email and phone number with the shipping label we make so
    we’re sorry if the tracking number was never given. But we did see that you did receive
    your package already, so we hope you’re enjoying them! Thank you for reaching out.

    -Tikis Geckos

  • Jason Clements

    Hello guys I made a purchase online with you guys last week and still have not received any kind of confirmation number of anything but the funds have been taken out?

  • Tikis Geckos

    Hey David A.

    Subscribers will get early access codes but not for the full 50% that will be offered on Friday for everyone.

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