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  Whats Up Freaks?!  We hope everyone has been been staying healthy and enjoying the new year.  We are excited to have so much planned for you guys these next upcoming months! With your continued support, we are grateful to be going into 2021 with new uploads to the site with some awesome animals for you to check out and new goals for us to hit!             What are some things to get excited about with Tikis Geckos?!   New Crested Geckos being uploaded all month long   New Gargoyle babies will be uploaded the...

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chahoua, crested, gargoyle, leachie, tikisgecko, tikisgeckos, website update -

Spooky Szn is here! We are starting the month of October with a BIG Website Update!  New Leachianus, Chahoua, Gargoyles, Cresteds, Blue Tongue Skinks, Mossy Leaf Tail Geckos, Banana Pectinatas and MORE!    THE WINNER FOR THE TIKIS REPTILE AUCTIONS LILLY WHITE CONTEST IS... @GAWKING_GECKOS

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