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SOUTH FLORIDA FAIRGROUNDS WEST PALM BEACH Expo Center West OCTOBER 21-22 Saturday 10-6p | Sunday 10-5p PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE:  "At Scales Reptile and Fish Expo, our mission is to provide a platform for breeders, exhibitors, and enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge, passion, and expertise for reptiles, fish, and other exotic animals. We strive to promote responsible pet ownership, conservation, and animal welfare through education and community involvement. Our goal is to create a fun, interactive, and educational environment where attendees of all ages and experience levels can learn about the amazing world of exotic animals. We believe that by...

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This is what we feed our collection of blue tongue skinks. This can also be fed to tegus and other omnivorous reptiles.  BTS Skink GOOP recipe (for 80 blue tongue skinks) 4 cans of wet dog food (natures logic chicken and turkey flavor) 1-2 packs of chicken heart and gizzards 1 pack of chicken livers Cup of snails (from asian market)  4 cups of repashy bluey buffet or repashy grub pie 4 large carrots grated  1 zucchini grated  1 yellow squash grated 6 eggs with crushed up shell 1 cup pf blueberries Teaspoon of Calcium with D3 and Multivitamin You can...

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Whats up everybody!  We are happy to announce that the first couple litters of baby northern blue tongue skinks have been born and we still have some very gravid females! The first couple baby blue tongues will be released here on the website on June 1st! Mark your calendars! Our Patreons will have early access to see the available babies before that however. Most babies have already started eating on their own and been through a shed so we are excited to show you guys what we will have for sale.   

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