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Happy Holidays! My favorite time of the year is here and we are excited to announce our brand new TikisGeckos Gift Cards! Ranging from $10-$500, you can now purchase a gift card for your special reptile enthusiast and have them pick out their dream animal! Click the link below for Gift Cards! https://tikisgeckos.com/collections/tikisgeckos-merch/products/tikisgeckos-gift-card

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Spooky Szn is here! We are starting the month of October with a BIG Website Update!  New Leachianus, Chahoua, Gargoyles, Cresteds, Blue Tongue Skinks, Mossy Leaf Tail Geckos, Banana Pectinatas and MORE!    THE WINNER FOR THE TIKIS REPTILE AUCTIONS LILLY WHITE CONTEST IS... @GAWKING_GECKOS

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Welcome to the NEW TikisGeckos Experience. Here we will discuss the exciting new projects, products and adventures we will embark. So come join us in our new weekly blogs.

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