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SOUTH FLORIDA FAIRGROUNDS WEST PALM BEACH Expo Center West OCTOBER 21-22 Saturday 10-6p | Sunday 10-5p PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE:  "At Scales Reptile and Fish Expo, our mission is to provide a platform for breeders, exhibitors, and enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge, passion, and expertise for reptiles, fish, and other exotic animals. We strive to promote responsible pet ownership, conservation, and animal welfare through education and community involvement. Our goal is to create a fun, interactive, and educational environment where attendees of all ages and experience levels can learn about the amazing world of exotic animals. We believe that by...

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Crested Geckos as Pets? For Kids? Crested geckos are a popular choice for children who are interested in keeping a pet reptile. These small lizards are easy to care for and can make great companions for kids. One of the best things about crested geckos is that they are low maintenance. They do not require a lot of space so they can be kept in a relatively small terrarium (12"x12"x18" Enclosure Size). They do not require a source of heat or UV light, unlike most reptiles (room temperature is fine), which makes them easy to care for even for younger kids....

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