The TikisGeckos Experience

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The TikisGeckos Experience

Welcome new and retuning friends. Are you ready for the new TikisGeckos experience? With the launch of this new website there will be new adventures. From new reptile projects to new Youtube videos to debut of our blogs. Exciting times are coming and the best way to keep up with all of these adventures is to follow us on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) and website. We are excited to announce the launch of our weekly blogs. This is where David and I (Manny) will talk about everything from products to animals to answering questions and beyond. So sit back and enjoy the new TikisGeckos Experience.

If theres anything you'd like to see us blog about, comment below



- Manny Durand


  • paul Bendikas

    Im from the UK when will you have more Leachianus geckos

  • Brian M

    I’m a new follower to TikisGeckos and was wondering when is the next time a new batch of Gargoyle geckos will be available?

    Brian m

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