Things are HEATING UP! (Shipping Notice)

Things are HEATING UP! (Shipping Notice)

Whats up guys!

As we start rolling into the summer months, please remember that some areas will be too hot for us to provide our Live arrival and 7 day health guarantees.

Before you place an order on our website for a live animal, it is a good idea to go over your own temperatures and figure out if our guidelines will cover you for shipping. Here is an excerpt of our terms of sale.

"We guarantee that our animals will arrive alive and healthy. With that being said, we require that there is someone home at the time of arrival and that the temperature is within 40F-85F for home deliveries and 35F-90F for early morning facility pick ups. We will mutually agree on a shipping date before any animals are shipped to ensure availability and temperatures on both ends. Please understand that we will not ship an animal before speaking to the person who placed the order and verifying that the shipping weather is adequate. If the weather is out of our shipping guidelines we can still ship an animal if the customer insists but all guarantees will be void. It is the customers responsibility to understand these guidelines before placing an order with us." 

We understand that everyone would like to receive their animals ASAP but sometimes it is best to hold off until the weather clears up before we can ship. If you have no problem waiting we suggest placing your order so we can hold the animal you are interested in. However, if you do not wish to wait and the temperatures in your area are above our "safe range" for shipping then maybe come back at a different time of the year to place your order!

Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


754 317 4638

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